Better Music Builder is a pioneering karaoke brand well established in California, United States. Nowadays, Karaoke is very popular in Asia with most homes having advanced Karaoke systems for entertainment. We have developed a full product line of professional Karaoke equipment to the rising demand for home Karaoke systems in America.

Music is an art, beauty, entertainment and ritual. Everyone enjoys music regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity and religious belief. Music becomes part of our lives which frees the society from the violence that makes people shiver. Karaoke in the club tells the people of wonder and excitement.

Builder of great and innovative audio equipment is the goal of our engineering team. The engineering team of Better Music Builder, which consists of engineers with professional knowledge and many years of experience in audio equipment design, has successfully designed home audio systems with high quality and affordable prices. Embrace karaoke, embrace better life, better sound, choose Better Music Builder.

M-Logo-usTo achieve cost efficiency, we design our audio systems in California, U.S.A. and outsource mass production to our manufacturer partner  in Asia. This makes our audio systems affordable to working class families to have fun after a laborious work day. Our audio products  satisfy the needs of many working class families in America who want to own a professional home audio system that’s high quality at an  affordable price.

Caring for our communities is also a strong commitment of Better Music Builder. Better Music Builder strongly believes in fulfilling its  social responsibilities and building up the well-beings of the under served communities in America. For the past fifteen years, Better  Music Builder has supported a lot of local community and non-profit organization fundraising events including sponsorship to Salvation  Army, Asian Liver Association under the Stanford University, Self Help Elderly in San Francisco and the 4th International Children’s Art  Contest in Southern California.




Better Music Builder is a proud honor roll member of BRB for many consecutive years.

The Best Reward Business (BRB) aims to promote ethical business practices,

The member of BRB has more respect to the consumer certification from State of California, all of the consumers are looking for more business that have BRB honor roll to prove more confidence in market value.

The BRB members provide much more detail for the product using maximum product performance. Therefore, Better Music Builder provides specific product training guides for every year in the past years. Consumers are highly loyal to Better Music Builder business and products.




Army-KaraokeBelieve it or not, the tradition of karaoke is as American as apple pie. This tradition originated from the US Army bases during the Korean War in the 1950s. Soldiers in the bases need relaxation, but they had no clubs, no dancing, and sometimes not even music. Sergeants would gather all the soldiers around to sing along with his song books. Many of the Korean soldiers joined the group too when they laughed “Kara, Kara” the Americans responded “okay, okay” so it became known as “Karaoke”.

When Americans stayed in Japan to helped Japan rebuild their economy after the war, they repeated the karaoke singing tradition which then became popular to the Japanese. Later on in Army bases in Japan, they did not have a budget for much live band for entertainment so they found a way to record the music in a cassette tape while singing out the songs in a songbook. The Japanese realized that it doesn’t require live bands, but very entertaining to people; it was maximum entertainment at a minimum cost. Karaoke then became one of the favorite activities in East Asia.

When the astronauts landed on the moon, they said something about “I sure miss karaoke.” This voice wasn’t transmitted through the satellite to Earth because it echoed back to the astronaut. Echo then became a common feature in karaoke.



Better Music Builder is committed in enhancing the singing experience by offering high quality sound systems at affordable prices.