Better Music Builder (M) is proud to introduce the 3-Way Line Array Active/Powered Speaker System, the M-8. Completely unique from our traditional karaoke speakers, the M-8 gives all the fundamental qualities for karaoke, and in addition provides power and an astonishingly appealing look for the users’ preference.

With a powerful set of 8 inch woofers and a total of twelve midrange units this M-8 always performs its best. Completely taking advantage of each midrange and subwoofer this model creates the best audio quality when playing music. No karaoke user is left behind here as the M-8 uses all twelve midrange units to recreate the crisp clear voice from the lowest to the highest pitch range singers. As an additional feature the M-8 is equipped with a “FLAT” function that allows the user to easily adjust echo from the microphone input, making it more compatible for applications such as singing, speeches and lectures.

With main inputs and microphone inputs being balanced XLR type connection, the M-8 assures the best audio quality throughout the components, providing no unwanted feedback. With the added line outputs an additional M-8 or power amplifier can receive audio signal directly form the M-8, no need for splitting cables and tangling frustrations.



The new Better Music Builder 8-Channel Mixer is EXCELLENT!!!

Our engineering team at Better Music Builder uses state-of-the-art audio technologies to design this product. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer is a CPU-controlled mixer with eight channels to maximize the sound quality and effects. It is the most customizable machine ever created by Better Music Builder.

The design principle for the new DX-6000 G2 Mixer is flexibility. Customers usually buy a great quality system only to end up with their new system not compatible with their current set up. At Better Music Builder we recognize our customers have different audio and entertainment needs. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer provides them with that need of having a system that is compatible with any set up they may have, without lacking in performance. The DX-6000 G2 Mixer is designed to cater to your ideal music and audio connection.

New features for Better Music Builder’s mixer line include a headphone jack for monitoring effects. Also new is the added PC control software made popular by the DX-222 G2 and DX-288 G2 Mixing Amplifier, “Effect Control Software Suite.” With it, the DX-6000 G2 Mixer can be connected with a PC with built-in control software through USB.





Better Music Builder’s engineering team created a new line of high performance speakers called the Dynamic Fusion Series (DFS-206, DFS-306, DFS-912, DFS-915, DFS-112 SUB and DFS-115 SUB) using Dynamic Fusion Technology™ (DFT). These heavy duty HD speakers are made with solid plywood with a dense advanced environmental protection polyurethane-based painting. Each cabinet is armed to withstand strong weather conditions with its durability. With this particular design, DFS speakers are able to reduce interference and further enhance the sound quality.





Better Music Builder VM-93C G3 Wireless Microphone is certainly the most innovative model we’ve ever had! Equipped with the latest 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the sleek system features heavy duty UHF dual-channel microphones, Wireless Auto Sync System technology, and for the first time ever uses lithium-ion battery for extremely long battery life.

Built for professional entertainers, the VM-93C G3 Wireless Microphone is packed with the newest technologies and innovations to improve your performance and simplify your setup. The built-in Wireless Auto Sync System makes setting up frequencies a breeze. Using the technology, there is no need to manually adjust the microphone’s frequency. With a touch of the button, the microphone automatically sets it to create a complete interference free and crystal clear microphone system.

Clear Voice technology is pure genius. It enhances the sound of the vocal by detecting and eliminating artifact noises, thus creating crystal clearer sound. The result is a sound closer resembles that of a wired microphone. What you get is a cleaner and clearer sound at all audio levels.

With years of experience designing wireless microphone system, we at Better Music Builder understand the problem with short battery life. Well, that’s a thing of the past now. The VM-93C G3 Wireless Microphone can easily last 12 hours! It is our first ever wireless microphone to use rechargeable lithium-ion battery, commonly used in today’s portable electronics such as mobile phones and computer laptops. It is simply the best solution for home and professional karaoke performance!



Introduction to SAIS Function

The Smart Auto Input Switching (SAIS) function is the latest karaoke equipment technology developed by the engineering team of Better Music Builder. The SAIS function is specially designed for KTV clubs to save time and the manpower with easy control.

Unlike the regular auto function, which receives signals from any input source terminal (such as a DVD or CDG player) on a first-come-first-serve basis, SAIS function gives a main input source terminal (such as the VOD) the first priority to receive its signals and the power for auto switching.

For example, when three input source terminals (i.e. VOD, CDG, DVD, CCTV and AUX) are operating at the same time, the VOD, which is designated as the main source for input, has the first priority to operate (i.e. playing the music source) under the SAIS function. When the other input sources such as CDG or AUX stop operating, SAIS function would perform the auto switching by switching the CDG or AUX back to the VOD immediately.

The SAIS function is great for KTV clubs and makes their operations efficiently.

In the past before the advent of VCDs and DVDs, KTV clubs were using the big laser disks for karaoke. Every KTV club might have more than one DJ in a control room to operate the karaoke for the VIP rooms. In general, a DJ operated two laser disk players (one for playing karaoke and the other for backup) for a VIP room. When the customer selected a song, it would give the message to the DJ in the control room, so the DJ would select one of the disk players (laser disk 1 and laser disk 2) to play the song for the customer. If the DJs needed to serve several or more VIP rooms for song playing, it would be a lot of work for the DJs, so it required more manpower to manage. The more manpower requires, the higher the operating cost would be.

With SAIS function, it would help the KTV clubs save time and manpower to operate. With the advent of new karaoke technology, now the big laser disks become obsolete and they are no longer in use. Nowadays, KTV clubs are using the VOD, which is a multi-media system storing the media files in the computer and playing them back instantly on the TV monitor. The VOD system also performs other functions such as billing, beverage & food ordering and keeping tracking of the time for karaoke singing in the VIP rooms. Therefore, if the customers in a VIP room want to select a song for karaoke singing, watch a movie or a TV program, or even need room services, they can use the VOD system for selection via the VOD keyboard or a touch screen device. Since the VOD source is designated as the main input source terminal by the SAIS function, it would save the manpower to perform various tasks.

For example, in a VIP room the customers can select a song for karaoke singing via the VOD. Under the SAIS function, when nobody continues to sing and the VOD stops operation, the SAIS would perform the auto switching, so TV monitor will automatically turn to blue color without any images. If the BGM is in operation, information such as advertising and news will appear in the TV monitor. However, when the customers want to sing karaoke again by selecting the songs, it will automatically switch back to the VOD (the main input source). All these tasks are operated automatically by the SAIS function. No manpower is required.



Generally speaking, the traditional Karaoke system may have only two channels from the main speaker (i.e. the left and right speakers) to produce the stereo sound. Both music and vocal signals come from the main speaker and mix together. Therefore, it would easily produce vocal feedbacks from microphone, which can damage your ears and the audio equipment. The traditional Karaoke system may also link two or more different groups of main speaker together to enhance the output, but the signals are the same. Nowadays, there are still many traditional Karaoke systems in the market.

To avoid vocal feedbacks from the microphone, the engineering team of Better Music Builder designed the 5-Channel Karaoke system by borrowing the idea of producing surround sound effect from home entertainment system. A 5-Channel Karaoke system has a main speaker (i.e. left and right speakers), a center speaker (i.e. monitor speaker) and two rear speakers (i.e. left and right). The microphone vocal can come directly from the center speaker, the main speaker, or the rear speakers. The main speaker would produce music signal only. This would adjust timing difference for delivery of vocal signals from different speakers, so it can produce the concert effect of surround sound including echo and reverb from the microphone.

The engineering team of Better Music Builder intends to enhance the functions of the center speaker by dividing it into two monitors, so one monitor would aim at the singer for vocal monitoring, and the other monitor would aim at the audience. Therefore, the audience can hear different signals (i.e. vocal from the signer and music) from different speakers very clearly. This is a 6-Channel Karaoke system.


WHAT IS DX-5000?

DX-5000 is mainly used as a pre-amp. The microphone vocal can come directly from the center (monitor speaker), the main (front left and right speakers) speaker or the rear speakers depending on how you want to make the adjustments. It can also produce excellent timing for the delivery of vocal effects from the front and rear speakers. You can adjust the vocal effects of the front or rear speaker, for example, you may adjust your microphone vocal for the rear speaker to produce more echo and delay than that of the main and center speakers.

The importance of the center monitor speakers is realized in this 5- channel system. You may install two center/monitor speakers. For example, in a concert environment one center speaker is aimed at the audience and another one is aimed towards the singer, so the singer can monitor his own vocal performance. The DX-5000 5-Channel Karaoke mixer can make your dream come true. Now you can sing like a professional artist in a live concert at home with the DX-5000. This is a new experience for you.



Extend the performance of your new karaoke singing system. Traditional karaoke is Mixed Music and Vocal from amplifier to Main speaker out. Using the idea from Home-Theater surround sound our Better Music Builder’s engineer team developed a 5-channel CPU amp DX-288, it can making a unique difference in your karaoke system. The new function is you can adjust which speaker can have vocal and which speaker can have music. For example, your karaoke system can enjoy multiple different settings, you may choose music to come out the Main speakers, and vocal in the Center speaker or if you install 5 speakers you may choose vocal to come out of the front speakers while music come out the rear speakers, there is many combinations. You can have Home-Theater functions in a karaoke system. Have fun at home while the friends and family watch you sing like a professional singer in the live show.



With CPU integrated memory you can save your favorite audio adjustments (volume, bass, echo, etc). So no more wasting time to adjust your settings.



Nowadays, American consumers are quite matured and have a strong tendency to shop over the Internet, so Internet sales grow very fast. Through Internet consumers can learn and obtain lots of product information. Different products have different values. For example, in the auto market, the top model of Honda Accord EX is about U.S.$25,000 while the top model of BMW 3-Series is about U.S.$40,000. Some people perceive a higher value on Honda Accord although its price is lower that that of the BMW 3-Series because Honda Accord consumes less fuel and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, some consumers perceive a higher value on BMW because of its highly recognized brand name.

We, Better Music Builder, constantly produce products based on technology innovation, attractive prices and an established brand name. The success of our products allows us to establish a strong foothold in North America market. Twenty years ago when Karaoke was first introduced to the world market from Japan, the 12-inch LD (Laser Disk), which has about 30 songs, was the only format for Karaoke. With technology innovation, Karaoke has evolved from the 12-inch LD to the hard drive media software. Before the LD priced at about U.S.$100. Now a magic microphone with 2,000 built-in songs prices at only U.S.$90. Thanks to the development of new technology, now consumers can enjoy better Karaoke equipment at much lower prices.

Better Music Builder is committed to developing new technologies and designing innovative audio products. For example, we introduced a mixer DX-3000, which is a CPU-controlled and audio/video processing machine, at a retail price of U.S.$399.00, so it is an excellent machine for Karaoke singing. When you sing Karaoke, you need excellent vocal effects with music and microphone vocal mixing. In addition, DX-3000 has a special feature of memorizing microphone effects and music speed key control. Therefore, when you sing Karaoke with DX-3000, you can experience the special effects such as reverb, echo and microphone tone to enhance your singing. DX-3000 can provide various functions at the same time. Back to twenty years ago, you must have many audio equipment to do the same job as DX-3000 including audio/video switcher, key controller, microphone effecter, equalizer and a Karaoke mixer. The whole thing would cost U.S.$5,000. Now all you need is a DX-3000 that prices U.S.$399.00 at retail level. It is the top priority of Better Music Builder to design state-of-the-art audio equipment with high value at affordable prices for consumers in North America .


Cost and Value

How do customers usually define the value and quality of what they’re buying? Research has shown that customers tend to look at the price to define value; if one item is more expensive then that of another item in the same category, then it has more value and higher quality. For example, when deciding to choose between two LCD 30″ TVs, the customer will think the one that costs $500 will have higher quality than the one that costs $350, without looking at the specifications. In fact, this is a natural assumption because people follow the pattern that costly things are more valuable. However, customers never stop thinking about all the other factors that affect cost such as materials and company infrastructures, etc. If you stop thinking, diamonds are more expensive than water, but diamonds are only a novelty item but not a necessity for our daily life whereas people want water to survive. Costly things might only have added unnecessary materials just to raise the prices to the customers.


Lower Your Cost, Not Your Standard

Today most people feel that karaoke equipments are toys, however, it is completely opposite. Karaoke equipment is like orchestra instruments. Orchestra requires many musical instruments to provide the sound effects like violins, drums and clarinet, etc. Karaoke requires quality vocal effects including echo, reverb, microphone tone and music key control etc. The quality of musical instruments gives conductors a great classical piece, and the quality of karaoke equipments gives the singer the experience of conducting a concert.

At Better Music Builder, we protect our standards of innovation. We never provide novelty features for unnecessary changes and demands. Our speaker line (such as CS-600 and CS-812) in piano woods is the exemplary result of innovative design for low cost and high value. Not only do they have better quality than that of other contemporary speaker, but they are also less expensive, providing what the customer needs: great sound quality.

When our engineers think about the best musical instrument, they immediately think of the piano. Not only is the piano an elegant musical instrument, but it also heightens the grand feeling of the surrounding area; a great musical instrument and artistic piece.


Best Quality, Best Price

When our engineers were asked to think of a design applying the concept of the piano, they thought of using MDF (medium dense fiberboard) for cabinet and a gloss finish to add onto its elegance. Manufacturers of contemporary speakers use plywood and particle boards for cabinets and sell them at high prices to create a “value effect” upon customers, making them feel the products having high value. The qualities of using MDF for cabinet is that not only does the wood has higher quality, the wood’s softness also allows for smoother and clearer sounds from the speaker, thus producing higher quality sounds that are totally different from using plywood and particle board. Our engineering team has proven that the wood material is important for speakers whereas plywood and particle board would limit sound quality and lacks support for bass sound. We do not set prices for “value effect” only. To maintain customer loyalty, our market analyst forecast the price closest to the nominal price meaning the price which customer is actually willing to pay for the quality, the “customer’s price”.

At Better Music Builder innovation is our goal. We make high quality products at prices that consumers can afford, but not products in high prices for high quality. With this concept in mind, we have established a good customer relationship, giving our customers the confidence of owning Better Music Builder products.