Karaoke is an immense improvement on an entertainment infrastructure’s image. Asia is an innovator for karaoke infrastructure and audio media culture. By introducing new and advanced design for their systems entertainment facilities have seen an increase in return. Audio investment is a design decision to differentiate them from common clubs, glamour allures. The entertainment organization culture embraces peaceful thinking. Karaoke and music are sounds that bathe society in peace. Then we ask that you embrace the karaoke culture. To free the society from the violence which make people shiver. Karaoke in the club tells the people of wonder and excitement. Embrace karaoke, embrace better life, better sound, Better Music Builder.



KTV-RoomsBetter Music Builder is a pioneering karaoke brand well established from United States. We take this opportunity to share the commercial KTV business for investment. Our technological and design team has over two decades of experience for developing and designing custom audio equipment for all of our customers’ needs.

Asian communities in North America have raised investments in commercial KTV over 65% in the last three years. Commercial KTV businesses are designed similar to a motel; various rooms ranging in size for the users preference and needs. Each room is designed differently for a variety of choices for the customer ad their group, larger groups require larger rooms, and the setting placed in the room to the customers likings. Just like a motel or a rental car, the rooms are for customers to use, at an hourly rate.

We would like to contribute in creating a fun commercial KTV environment for all age groups. We would like to see KTV businesses welcome all age groups, from teen to elderly groups of people under one roof enjoying themselves to socializing and entertainment.

Unlike a night club, commercial KTV brings not only couples but groups together, by offering a place to sing together in the company of friends and family.

Asian American communities cause a large effect to the demand of commercial KTV business. Better Music Builder focuses on the demand for karaoke audio equipment and design for all business applications. KTV demand has greatly increased in coffee lounges, night clubs, and other commercial KTV businesses, using our newest KTV song selector touch screen and software that allows users to accurately search for their favorite songs.

Our system is optimized to design for many entertainment enterprises, night clubs, and karaoke clubs. We also provide custom made LED panels for all purposes. No clubs should be missing our brand. Our mission is to bring the joy of karaoke to everyone and to pass along our karaoke knowledge to both our representatives and customers.






Improving Home Entertainment is the only way to prevent DUI. The only reason why your friends and family continue to drive drunk is because your house is boring. Invest in a great karaoke audio system, is an investment in your friend and family’s safety. Our karaoke speaker series can easily be installed to the wall, ceiling, or under balcony. This ultra-compact, versatile, and expandable sound quality provides maximum power and portability making your home a live musical performance. Fight boredom and fight DUI.




Coffee houses have are a symbol of peaceful, comfortable, setting. People have come to expect on soothing music in the café. They know they can rely on a relaxing atmosphere, where an inviting melodic tune provided by a superb music system every time. Coffee houses that can’t provide this setting, their customers go away to take a walk in the park. Music then is a demanding quality of coffee customers. We have made optimal system to provide the public a statement for this effective music. Our brand carries speakers designed to make soothing music for your coffee shop, and provide you with an alluring atmosphere and direct customers into your coffee haven.