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December 16, 2018

This is Dean Truong that I am the Master of Ceremony for Vietnamese Community Events such as the upcoming event Vietnamese Community of Oregon (Tet Festival Event) on Saturday, February 02, 2019. I have had a very good experience with Better Music Builder microphone VM-93C G3 in the past few years.

The VM-93C G3 especially is built for professional entertainers like me. This model is easy to setup with a touch of the button that automatically sets it to create a complete interference free and crystal clear microphone. The Clear Voice technology is amazing. It’s not only improve the vocal sound by detecting and eliminating artifact noises, but also creating crystal clearer sound.

I recommend everyone to buy Better Music Builder wireless microphone system and you will enjoy it!

Better Music Builder

May 20, 2015

Hi, this is Sandy Troche from Tracy California. I’m a KJ and DJ audio equipment renter that provides all the audio needs for any party occasions. I have been renting my KJ equipment for several years now and one very important thing that I cannot stress enough about is… durable wireless microphones!

When sending my equipment out for a party I need to make sure everything is working perfectly, faulty microphones can ruin a party and my renting business. Thankfully I no longer have to worry since I found the VM-28 VHF Microphones from Better Music Builder. I found the Better Music Builder microphones and many of its other products locally on craigslist at an affordable price. At first I was a little skeptical about the quality and durability of the VM-28, but after the first use I immediately felt the microphone structure and crystal clear sound. At half the cost of the other microphones that only claim crystal clear audio, and handling preference for only one microphone, Better Music Builder actually provides microphone specifications with two microphones per receiver.

Better Music Builder is the best! Who wouldn’t want to pay less for the better microphones?

Better Music Builder

November 8, 2009

My name is Michael Mai. I am a professional DJ. I always carry a lot of DJ professional equipment for rental including a 22-channel mixer, one equalizer, a power supply, a dual cassette deck and one DVD Karaoke player. I also need to use my own built-in DJ case to carry those equipment. The total weight of the DJ case (with 14 spaces) with those audio equipment weights about 150 pounds. One day I tried to search some Karaoke equipment in Internet, and I finally discovered the website and the Better Music Builder Karaoke amplifier DX-288 which gave me exciting experience. This Karaoke amplifier can totally replace my DJ case with all audio equipment. This DX-288 can produce high power and can make adjustments on both music and microphone tones. It can also change music keys. In this machine, there are three sources of input with audio/video together. Now I also use one magic microphone, which has more than 2,000 English songs with four chips for different languages. It can help me control the microphone feedback, which every DJ has to deal with. Now I can just use one Karaoke amplifier and one magic microphone for wedding party and other functions in the Asian communities. I can make $500.00 for each equipment rental easily. I really appreciate the Better Music Builder products. Now I would like to submit two pictures to you for your reference.

February 7, 2006

story2Hi! I am Jo Jo from Seattle , Washington . Recently I bought the Better Music Builder speaker CS-812. I love it so much. The frame of this speaker looks every classy. Before I bought a pair of BOSE speaker 802 Series III for singing Karaoke, the sound did not seem good at all. Then, I called the BOSE technical support and asked them for the reason. The technical support guy told me that I had to use the BOSE digital controller called PANARAY System Digital Controller if I want to sing Karaoke with their speakers . Based on his recommendation, I bought this system for about $1,800. When I sang Karaoke, it was not good enough.. Therefore, I called BOSE again, and the technical guy recommend to me buy a BOSE and MB4 Modular Subwoofer for adding base. I searched the Internet for this model and found out that it cost about $600. Then, I tried to get advice from my friend who has a good Karaoke system at home. My friend advised me to buy a Better Music Builder Karaoke amplifier DX-333 and a pair of speaker CS-812. I paid them for about $1,300.00 including a free speaker stand and a wireless microphone. I love this Karaoke system very much. This system produces crystal clear sound and give out music and vocal clearly. I was glad that I did not buy the BOSE MB4 subwoofer. I also returned the BOSE PANARAY system digital controller at a 15% re-stocking fee plus UPS shipping charge. Well, I still thought I made the right decision. Now I just paid half of the price but for a good quality system.

March 5, 2004

story3My name is David Leung. I own the Advance Video Karaoke Store in Pinole, California since 1983 and I really enjoy the Karaoke business. I sell a lot of Karaoke equipment and Karaoke Discs with different languages in my store. I also do Karaoke equipment rental business. I carry many kinds of brands for Karaoke equipment. I feel Better Music Builder equipment one of the best Karaoke equipment for rental. In addition, Better Music Builder always has new models to the market. I think Karaoke really brings fun to small groups and family. Nowadays, a lot young people, who want to be one of the American idols, use Karaoke machine to practice singing. Recently I provided Karaoke equipment rental service to the students at University of California Berkeley . I was excited to see William Hung and La Toya London there. I charged them a very low cost , but it gave them lots of fun. Please refer to the pictures.