DA-8750 Digital Power Amplifier


Better Music Builder is adding three new professional grade amplifiers to our DA Series products, the DA-8350, DA-8550, and DA-8750. These digital amplifiers provide only the best in audio quality and ease of use for the professional.

Giving out an RMS power output of 700W per channel is the DA-8350, giving out crystal clear sound and performance. This two channel amplifier also has a digital link output allowing the pre amp audio to jump to additional amplifiers. Rated at 1000W per channel is the DA-8550. Sharing identical characteristics the DA-8550, can handle much more, and larger areas with DFS Series speakers. And finally our top model is the DA-8750. And with 1300W, this DA Series amplifier can shake the ground with tremendous power.

These Digital Amplifiers are made for dynamic sound and continuous use. Their optical audio input give ear mesmerizing sound and overall feel to the professional user.

MSRP$1,300.00 USD
Weight52.9 LBS


  • DA series power amplifiers can input digital signals directly into it, which is the essential equipment in the digital audio transmission system.
  • Wide voltage range, stable and dependable performance 
    65% ~ 130% the extra wide working voltage range design against the relative rated Input supply voltage , so it can easily cope with the strong voltage fluctuation environment. Meanwhile, power volume gradient circuit more considered the audience feelings. Advanced SMT technology make the performance more stable.
  • Precise and pure quality and wonderful SNR
    Finally, several experiments to eliminate the sound defaults are paid. Consequently, precision and clarity of DA series are remarkable. Let alone the ultra-low distortion and super S/N R.
  • Work under long term low-load is available
    Work under 2Ωload long and stably is available
  • Designed for the applications of professional equipment, and live amplifying
    The handy 2U-cabinet that makes setting and carrying easier can be fixed on any parts of the rack. The perfect protection circuit makes its self-protected characteristics are as splendid as the aircraft carrier’s.
  • Totally intelligent dynamic limiter system and distortion eliminate circuit
    The circuit which power is controlled by dynamic limiter is a patent, assuring the system is working in a permanent safe situation.
  • Patent of earthed technology 
    The latest patent of earthed technology that is adapted by the DA is able to work without floating switch and minimize the noise no matter what kind the connection is.
  • Always pursuit of the best 
    The DA that have been studied for years are the optimum products with elaborated performances, which is proved by the sophisticated interior layout.



  • Rated Output Power Continuous Average Power RMS, 1KHz, THD≤1%: Bridge @ 4Ω: 1×2600W, Bridge @ 8Ω: 1×2324W, Bridge @ 16Ω: 1×1500W, Stereo @ 2Ω: 2×1300W, Stereo @ 4Ω: 2×1162W, Stereo @ 8Ω: 2×750W
  • Maximum Output Power Peak to Peak, 1KHz, THD≤1 %: Bridge @ 4Ω: 1×20800W, Bridge @ 8Ω: 1×18592W, Bridge @ 16Ω: 1×12000W, Stereo @ 2Ω: 2×10400W, Stereo @ 4Ω: 2×9296W, Stereo @ 8Ω: 2×6000W
  • Frequency Response 8Ω load, 10dB below rated power: 20Hz~20KHz±0.25dB
  • THD+N (typical) 20Hz~20KHz, 8Ω load, 10dB below rated power; <0.05%
  • Intermodulation Distortion SMPTE (typical) 8Ω load, 10dB below rated power, 60Hz+7KHz: <0.05%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 20Hz~20KHz, 8Ω load, A-weighted: >105dB
  • Input CMRR(common mode rejection ratio) @ 1KHz: >80dB
  • Channel separation (Crosstalk) @ 1KHz: >80dB
  • Damping Factor 8Ω load, 1KHz and below: >600
  • Circuitry: Bipolar, Class AB
  • Input Impedance: Analog input: 20kΩ balance input; Digital optical input AES3: 110 Ω; Digital coaxial input RCA: 75Ω
  • Slew Rate: 60V/μs
  • Processor: 44.1k Hz/48k Hz/96k Hz/192k Hz sampling frequency can convert to 96KHz sampling frequency, 24-bit D/A automatically
  • Voltage Gain rated power @ 8Ω: 41dB
  • Input Sensitivity Rated Power @ 8Ω: 0dBu (0.775Vrms)
  • Maximum Input Level: +22.0dBu (10.0Vrms)
  • Protection Circuits: Soft-start, inrush-current limitation, temperature monitoring of heat-sinks and transformer, output short protection, output DC protection, output over current protection, protector, turn-on/off muting, RF protection
  • Dynamic Limiter: Intelligent
  • Cooling: Four Variable-speed DC fans, front-to-rear air flow
  • LED Indicators Front panel: Power-ON, Mode, Clip/Limit, Signal, Protection
  • LED Indicators Rear panel: N.A.
  • Input Connectors: Analog: 3-pin XLR, male and female per channel, pin 2=inphase (hot); Digital signal: 3-pin XLR, female and coaxial RCA & Optical AES3
  • Output Connectors: Three 4-pole SPEAKON connectors, both channels and bridge mode output; Digital signal: 3-pin XLR, male and coaxial RCA & Optical AES3
  • Modes of Operation: Stereo, Mono, Bridge
  • Power Consumption 1/8 rated output power @ 4Ω: 560W
  • Power Consumption 1/3 rated output power @ 4Ω: 1493W
  • Protector: 240V/230V: F15A; 120V/100V: F25A
  • Power Supply: 100V/120V; 50Hz/60Hz
  • The height of Unit: 2U
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 19×3.5×18.7 in / 48.2×8.8×47.5 cm
  • Shipping Dimension (WxHxD): 24.5×8.5×25.7 in / 62.3×21.5 x65.3 cm
  • Net Weight: 47.4 Lbs / 21.5 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 52.9 Lbs / 24 Kg


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