M-1 Digital Speaker Management


When searching for an industrial grade digital audio management system, simplicity is not the correct way to go about it.

The quality of one’s equipment plays a huge role when performing at concerts, festivals, restaurants, and parties with a professional disc jockey. Standards have risen at Better Music Builder to assure the consumer receives nothing but the best of our products. Our new line of Digital Audio Management products are no less than industrial grade equipment for the professional user, products that fit the vast increase in audio demand. With such increase Better Music Builder is bringing in a new, modern, digital audio management (DAM) system for the professional, the M-1.

Interesting facts about the M-1 DAM system is the newly equipped optical audio input and outputs, modern software to navigate through the various functions it has, and its frequency response range. When it comes to professional audio, the best sound is expected from your equipment, with optical audio inputs and outputs the M-1 DAM system provides crystal clear audio. The software equipped allows the audio management system to fully control every segment of adjustable audio coming out of your equipment, from 20Hz to 20 KHz frequencies to audio calibration. In the hands of the professional the M-1 can perform stupendously.

The M-1 DAM system takes audio management right from the future directly into your hands, giving you the most advanced piece of equipment for the best audio experience.

With the equipment we have to offer, only one question remains…

… Are you ready for the best audio experience of your life?

MSRP$1,299.00 USD
Shipping Weight12.0 LBS


  • 96k Hz sampling frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.
  • 2-way audio signal input for each channel input’s sensitivity can be selected, the 5 microphone inputs and a standard 3.1-or 5.1-channel output.
  • Music signal options include a optical and coaxial input (and each output has an optical out).
    Can be connected to the computer via USB, WIFI or wired network interface (remote infrared control).
  • Full access to features can be had either by the hardware interface or computer-software interface.
  • Unit can store up to 20 groups of device-data storage, and store up to 10 group-effects (and also transfer data to other units.
  • The lock function (with password) allows for peace of mind against unwanted or unauthorized changes to valuable parameter settings.
  • The LCD screen and 6-segment LED display offer accurate digital input and output with level meters, the mute and edits.
  • Effects module, microphone volume, music volume and effect volume can be full adjusted and stored.
  • Each input/output has delay, phase control and mute settings; The maximum input delay is 30ms (and the maximum output delay of up to 60ms).
  • Effect have with three band parametric equalizer and a pair of high and low pass filters, echo, and all effects can be adjusted and stored.


Tech Specs

  • Input Channel & Socket: Three 1/4” phono, 3 groups of 5-channel microphone input, a set of optical fiber input a set of coaxial input.
  • Output Channel & Socket: KP33+: 3.1 channel male output; KP34: 4 channel male output: KP35+: 5.1 channel male output.
  • Input Impedance: Balance: 20KΩ
  • Output Impedance: Balance: 100Ω
  • PC Com Port: One USB Com Port on front panel
  • CMRR: >70dB(1KHz)
  • Input Range: ≤+25dBu
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(-0.5dB)
  • S/N R: >110dB
  • THD: <0.01% OUTPUT=0dBu/1KHz
  • Crosstalk of Channels: >80dB(1KHz)
  • Functions of Input Channels
    • Input Mute: Each channel has Independent Mute Control
    • Input Delay: Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—30ms.stepover @1ms
    • Input Polarity: Same Phase + or reversed Phase -
    • Input EQ:
      • Music and Mic are set with 9 Bands Parametric EQ. Central Frequency Point:20Hz-20KHz, BandWidth:0.01oct-3oct,stepover is 0.01oct. DefaultFrequency:EQ140Hz ,EQ280Hz, EQ3160Hz,EQ4317Hz, EQ5632Hz, EQ6126Hz,EQ72515Hz, EQ85018Hz, EQ910KHz. Also, High-cut and Low Cut Filter is added.
    • Input Gain: Both Music and Mic have independent Gain Control from 0% -100%
    • Limiter: Both Music and Mic have independent Limiter Control, -30dBu -+20dB,stepover,0.1dBu
    • Feedback: Mic comes with 4 levels Feedback functions
  • Functions of Output Channels
    • Output Mute: Each channel has Independent Mute Control
    • Output Polarity: Same Phase + or reversed Phase –
    • Output EQ:
      • Each Output Channel can be set up as 7Bands EQ. PEQ and GEQ Modes are available for choice . Under PEQ, the adjustable paremeters :LO-EQ1 ( bass boost or low cut), H1-EQ15 (High Boost or High Damp ) are the Frequency Points adjustable Filiter, the Frequency Points are adjustable. Slope can choose 12dB/oct , 24dB/oct, 36dB/oct and 48Db/oct. Others are 13Bands Parametric EQ and there are 239 frequency points totally. Band Width: 0.01oct-3oct, step is 0.05oct. Gain:-40Db-+20Db,step is 0.1dB. When set as GEQ, the functions are the same as when set as PEQ. Change to be graphical engineering EQ with fixed 31Bands and 1/3 octave
    • Output Gain: Each Channel has independent Gain Control. Adjustable Range 0%-100% ,stepover 1% 0.5dB
    • Output Delay: Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—1000ms stepover 21us@<10ms; stepover 84us@10-20ms; stepover:0.5ms@>20ms
  • Crossover: Each Channel can be set up LPF and HPF independently.Adjustable Parameters: Filter Types (Linkwitz-Riley/Besse/Butterworth ) Frequency Turning Point:20Hz-20KHz, 239 Frequency Points Decay of Slope:12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 24dB/oct, 48dB/oct
  • Limiter: Each Channel can be set up limiter independently. Adjustable Parameters: Threshold Value:-20dBu-+20dBu Stepover:0.5dBu@starting time:0.3ms-100ms Stepover<1ms @0.1ms, Stepover>1ms@1ms
  • Effector: 1M of Memory ,3-Bands Parametic EQ guarantees Real Effect Processor
  • Processor: 96KHz Sampling frequency, 32-bit Floating-Point DSP
  • Display: Resolution of 144 * 32 character LCD points and 6-segment LED display accurate digital input / output level meter, mute and edit status
  • Power: ≤30W
  • Power Supply: AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 19 x 1.7 x  7.9 in / 48.2 x 4.4 x 20 cm
  • Shipping Dimension (WxHxD): 22.1 x 3.9 x 14.3 in/ 56.2 x 9.8 x 36.2 cm
  • Net Weight: 8.4 Lbs / 3.8 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 12 Lbs / 5.5 Kg


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