VOD-600 Hard Disk Drive Video Player

VOD-600 Hard Disk Drive Video Player 1

The VOD-600 is great for people who want to store all their media files in one black box. This player is able to load and play all types of media files including H264, .MKV, .rm, .MP3, etc. This reduces the need for converting your files. The VOD-600 also has ports to load your files from SATA, SD card, and USB. Additionally, you can also conveniently replace the system’s internal hard drive to add more disk space.

This system also helps to link your TV to the internet. It comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet port so you can hook up the VOD-600 with internet. This enables you to browse the internet, check email, and watch all your favorite Youtubes on your TV.

MSRP$299.00 USD
Panel Drawing




  • 1080p Full HD Media Player
  • Built-in web browser, support mouse & keyboard
  • Internet Media Service
  • BitTorrent Downloading client and NFS
  • New Media Library function
  • VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) and Smart Touch-Key
  • Initiative Filp-Top Internal HDD and HDD Spin down supported
  • USB 3.0 Connection
  • DLNA Digital Media Streamer (PC/iPhone/Android cellphone/Tablet)
  • Wi-Fi Built-in and Optional USB Wi-Fi Dongle
  • Display Blueray Movie Original Menu
  • Gigabit Wired Networking
  • Powerful subtitle function
  • Regular Firmware Update


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